Our Team

Our Mission

Our team is committed to the following:


  • constantly meet or exceed clients' expectations in workmanship and delivery time.
  • be in the forefront of technology and innovation in the field of information technology.


Our Vision

Become a company known to its clients for providing effective and efficient e-Business Solutions to meet their business needs.


About Us

i-River Workshop is a full service web design solutions company operating since 2005. It is committed to providing e-business solutions such as website development, design, animation & site maintenance to clients in need of professional, corporate, organizational or personal websites. With our web packages, our developers build and manage sites that incorporate leading professional web design and advanced web site functionality using PHP, CSS, HTML5, Ajax and Flash. Our results-driven SEO specialists allow clients to increase revenue growth by accelerating marketing share capture. 

We at i-River Workshop take pride in our close relationship with clients and in our ability to mobilize the right people and technologies to help businesses and people achieve their goals.

We've learned that innovation comes from mastering organizational and technical constraints instead of ignoring them and from listening patiently to clients and digging deeper instead of clinging to our first few catchy ideas. We know we've only done our jobs when the projects we launch not only get talked about, but get our clients exactly the results they envisioned back in the planning phase.

John Paul Eiman

John Paul Eiman

Senior Web Developer

Eleanor Dumaraog

Eleanor Dumaraog

Web Developer / Theme Developer